Cates Academy

Cates Academy

Sober High School

Cates Academy is a high school designed specifically for students in recovery from chemical dependency and similar self-destructive behaviors. At Cates Academy, teenagers have the unique opportunity to simultaneously fortify their personal recovery while attaining a fully-accredited high school diploma. Every day, students are provided the ideal conditions to foster a holistic recovery from addiction – towards a life of personal, social, and academic success.

Cates Academy collaborates with the University of Texas – University Charter School to provide those students struggling with drug and alcohol a fully accredited school to attend. Cates Academy’s low student-to-staff ratio is critical to the personal and academic development of or students. Most of our classes are delivered via Plato, a fully accredited online curriculum. Students complete these courses in our computer lab, under the supervision of a Certified classroom teacher. Our teachers, along with our full-time Director of Schools, School Counselor and special education instructor, are able to provide each of our students with the care and attention they deserve.

Recovery requires new and knowledgeable friends. This is why Cates Academy families are active in Alternative Peer Groups, which integrated with group therapy and counseling services, provide families the kind of support and accountability they need.

Chemical dependency saps hope from the lives of everyone it touches – the addicts themselves as well as their family and friends. At Cates Academy, we seek to restore students to their true, best selves, free from the chains of addiction and with limitless possibilities before them.