11th Annual Angels of Hope Gala

A Night of Masquerade “Unmasking Addiction”

Friday, December 8th, 2017
Junior League Ballroom
1811 Briar Oaks Lane
Houston TX 77027

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Keynote Speaker

A former professional football player whose career spanned 10 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Randy Grimes had spent 20+ years battling an addiction to painkillers that he had developed while trying to treat career-related injuries. He now uses his inspiring story of recovery to help victims of drug and alcohol abuse through his work as a Board Certified Interventionist at InterventionNow.com and as a Business Development Director at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches Bhpalmbeach.com (BHOPB). In 2012, out of a desire to help other struggling athletes that he played with and against, Randy launched “Athletes in Recovery” a program which is designed to help athletes of all levels find treatment for addiction, while offering continued support for those already in recovery.

Due to the success of Athletes in Recovery, Randy and BHOPB have partnered with the NFL’s “Player Care Foundation” as well as the MLB, to bring further awareness and treatment services to professional athletes and their families. As a result of this partnership, 100’s of former professional athletes have since been treated. Randy’s passion for helping others does not end with athletes and he is committed to helping numerous families find balance and peace of mind by getting their addicted loved ones the help they need for their drug and alcohol addiction. Randy is has performed countless interventions all over the country and has brought hope and healing back to families when it seemed all hope was lost. His Never Give Up attitude translates from the gridiron to his recovery.

Randy has been an exemplary ambassador for InterventionNow, BHOPB and is a quality example of the power of professional treatment. Married for 36 years to his college sweetheart Lydia, who is also a Certified Family Addiction Coach, they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Randy can regularly be seen as a commentator on numerous national TV networks including NFL Network, Anderson Cooper, Father Albert, CNN and Fox News, SiriusXM Sports and he is often called on to provide professional insight and opinion for countless radio interviews and print media pieces.

Lifetime of Service Award

At this year’s celebration, we’ll be honoring Leonard Kincaid for his lifetime of dedication and service to those affected by alcohol and drug abuse and dependence.

Leonard Kincaid has over 30 years of experience in the behavioral health care field working specifically on the issue of alcohol and drug abuse and dependence, HIV and AIDS, and the co-occurring disorder of substance abuse and mental health. He has worked in program development and management for 25 of those years.

His work has focused on program planning and development, organizational planning and management, grant writing and administration, budget development and management, and coalition development and maintenance. These are skills that Mr. Kincaid has developed during his professional career and has refined through extensive professional training.

Mr. Kincaid is an experienced and well-trained operations executive. Currently, he is the Executive Director for The Houston Recovery Center LGC, a non-profit, public-private partnership between the City of Houston and the Houston Recovery Center. The Houston Recovery Center provides a brief intervention, education, counseling and referral services for individuals identified by law enforcement officers for public intoxication.

Mr. Kincaid was instrumental in the development and implementation of this organization, working with multiple partners including the City of Houston Police Department, the City of Houston Mayor’s office, The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, City of Houston Health Department, and other interested service providers.

Prior to accepting this position he was employed by The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston for 23 years. He served as the Chief Government Relations Officer, managing an annual budget of over $5 million and a staff of more than 50 culturally diverse professionals. Before this, he served in the positions of Counselor, Project Manager, Director of Community Services, Director of Operations, and Chief Operating Officer.

In addition, Mr. Kincaid has a long and successful history of promoting positive social change by developing and working with community-based initiatives. His many accomplishments include serving as Principal Investigator and Program Director for several federal grants…

A Community Partnership grant that focused on community mobilization and empowerment funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (1992-1996) and a Center for Substance Abuse Prevention demonstration grant called “Project Mom” that provided counseling services to substance-abusing pregnant and postpartum women (1990-1995).

He co-founded and served as Chair of the Coalition for Substance Abuse Services (1992-2000), representing some 60 treatment provider organizations in Houston, Texas, and the Cradles Coalition (1994-2002), focusing on substance abusing women of child-bearing age, their children and infants.

In 1998, Mr. Kincaid developed the Initiative for Positive Change, a coalition of several community-based chemical dependency treatment organizations serving at-risk or HIV positive African American adults and youth. This project was funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment to provide HIV outreach, testing, and substance dependency treatment.

He has also served on several other community coalitions and advisory groups including the Center for Disease Control HIV prevention Community Planning Group (CPG) for the city of Houston, Texas, and the National Black Alcoholism and Addiction Council HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

In 2010, he led the development of the Houston Recovery Initiative, to implement a recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC) model that would create the infrastructure needed to support people in recovery from substance use disorders, including recovery coach training, sober housing, and education on the chronic care model.

Mr. Kincaid earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Our Lady of the Lake University with a focus on health care administration and a Master of Science Degree in counseling from Jackson State University. He also holds state licenses as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Chemical Dependency Counselor.

Few people have done more to make recovery from alcohol and drug abuse more accessible to those in Southeast Texas than Mr. Kincaid.